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How are eyelash extensions different?

In our Studio, we use only certified and made in USA highest top quality lashes.
All semi-permanent eyelash extensions, with the exception of real mink, are made from a synthetic PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) in other words it is a synthetic fiber. They are heated and treated with formulations that give appearance and feel of mink or silks. Not all lashes are created equal.
The difference is in the quality of the PBT and its durability to hold the uniform, to keep the curl. We choose black matte, that has no shine under the lights, that makes lash extensions on your eyes look more natural.
Our lash extensions are lightweight and flexible.
First thing what my clients say, after their session “I can`t feel them, they have no weight”

The real mink or Siberian mink lashes rarely can be offered in some Studios.
Real mink lashes are uneven, also are impossible to maintain their curl. They can cause allergic reactions for those that have allergies to animal hair. In our opinion it`s inhumane and not that beautiful as high quality lashes we carry.
In our Studio we use two lash collections, “Luxury Lash Collection” and “Couture Lash Collection” Lash Affair by J. Paris.