Lash Extensions Aftercare

It is important to know that lash extensions do not harm your natural lashes in any way. When properly applied by licensed lash technician.
Your natural lashes have growth and shedding cycle.This cycle is different for every individual. Since your lash extensions are applied individually to each lash, when your natural lashes shed the lash extension also falls with it. You may experience different rates of shedding from time to time depending on where your lashes are in their cycle.
Your body, environmental changes and your aftercare ultimately determines the longevity of your lash extensions. 

The first 5 hours

If possible, avoid direct contact or washing of  your lashes for at least 5 hours to allow lash adhesive to form the strongest bond possible.

Washing directions

We recommend using our gentle lash cleansing foam in the morning and night. Your lashes are very secure and we are using best adhesive. However, any vigorous rubbing or itching can weaken the lashes adhesion, thus shorten the life of the extensions. This will cause you to fill sooner than usual. When washing with your eyes closed, gently run lather over your lashes with your finger in a downward motion and then splash lashes clean with water. Use lash brush immediately after to separate and fluff your lashes into place.

Things to Avoid with your lashes.

  • Lash Mascara
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Oil Based Makeup Removers
  • Steam, or any hot air in the directions of your eyes.
  • Oily products near your lashes. This could be creams, lotions and removers)
  • Excessive washing, itching, rubbing or pulling lashes. If you feel any discomfort or allergic reaction contact us right away. 

Getting most out of your new lashes

Between fills keep lashes combed with your mini lash brush.
Brushing them while wet will untangle or flip any lashes that might of moved astray. 

Before your next fill

Before your fill properly clean your lashes with gentle lash cleansing solution. Always come to your lash fills with clean lashes. When your lashes clean and ready to be worked on artist can jump into the action right away. Failure to prepare for your fill might result in extra time charges.