Full Set (Promotion)

Applying by one or combination of techniques (volume or classic), to matching your desires, by perfecting fullness and length of your new lash-look from our couture silk lash extensions collection.

This promotion include any style, that we offer: volume, classic, hybrid.  Please find below the description of each.

Volume Lash Full Set (Russian, Mega, Hollywood Volume) 3D – 8D
In volume lashing technique 3-8 fine lashes to create a lash “fan” and then are placing it on each natural lash to give the most voluminous and dramatic look. All volume fans are handmade and individually designed during session for each client.

The Classic technique is where we isolate your existing lashes and apply for a single lash extension with the ratio is one by one.

The Hybrid is combination of volume and classic.  The effect is excellent if you’re looking for the natural look and want that little bit more from your lash extensions. It is  great tool for customizing a textured look, and to fill the gaps between natural lashes.

Our Studio has lash extensions available in a variety of curls, thicknesses, and lengths to customize lash looks for every client.
​Before we start your appointment, we will have a full consultation about your preferences, usual looks and its potential, your motivation about getting the lash extensions and that will lead to define the perfect lash-style for you.

Please book online or call to the Studio.