Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid is a combination of volume and classic.  

Applying by one or combination of techniques (volume or classic), to matching your desires, by perfecting fullness and length of your new lash-look from our couture silk lash extensions collection.

The effect is excellent if you’re looking for a natural look and want that little bit more from your lash extensions. It is a great tool for customizing a textured look and/or to fill the gaps between natural lashes.

We use only the finest quality silk Luxury and Couture lashes, made and certified in the USA.

We are proud to state that all our products or ingredients was not tested on animals. All lashes are made from luxury synthetic material so are completely cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, they are soft and looks natural on your face.

To maintain the look, book your regular refill approximately in 2-3 weeks after your visit.