Lash Refills

Your natural lashes shed and the average person may lose up to 5 natural lashes/day.
The lash extensions simply shed with the natural lash and does not interrupt the growth cycle in any way.
We analyze your retention and giving you best options for time/price for fuller or desirable result.

Bellow are the services we offer based on your needs and timelines.

Lash Boost

With this fill in in under 10 days after full set you can get lash boost before your big event or vacation.
This session usually takes 40 minutes and it will have you ready for any event that might come your way.

Recommended Interval of up to 18 day

Observing recommended refill interval will ensure longevity of as it was when you got lashes freshly done. Takes 60 minutes .

Lash Rescue

After recommended refill time period, we require more time to get you going with lashes again.
Before end of 4 weeks after you last refill, you will have lost a significant amount of your extensions and will require more time to get them back to their original fullness. After 5 weeks its time to get a full set and will need to be booked accordingly.

From Another Salon

We hear it all the time, you have went somewhere else and got lash extensions there. Now you really just want things be done they way they should have been done in the first place. And you came to the right place.

Whether you had classic, volume or hybrid lashes from another salon please know when booking the service. We will do our best to get them to our standard of artistry. In some cases we will suggest a removal of your existing extensions to continue with applying of a brand new set.